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Magic The Gathering

Sealed League

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Gorilla Games Naperville holds a Sealed League that runs every 4 weeks! Give us a call to find out when the next event begins!

- Entry is $15 and gets you 3 booster packs. If you are unhappy with your initial sealed pool, you may make a one time re-buy and purchase 3 more packs for $15. League decks will be kept at the shop.
- The league runs 4 weeks.  Saturdays will be our active league days. You can play League matches any day of the week.
- You may purchase a pack a week to improve your sealed pool. You may also purchase a pack for every 3 losses you receive.
- You may play as many League Matches a week as you like.
- Playing the same person twice in a row is discurraged.
- The rules of the league are subject to change at our discretion.

- The Prize pool will consist of two pack per entry.